The company is specialized in complete administration of the industrial, commercial ,buildings and residential buildings projects, in its two kinds the horizontal and vertical, building schools, universities, teaching centers, entertainment, marketing, mosques, worship houses, the company also execute all infrastructure projects, (sub-divisions) for cities, roads, extending pipelines for drinking waters and all kinds of purification stations and the heavy water networks, disposing of rain water networks, drainage in addition that our company carries out the works of small and large dams and executing all projects, bridges, arches, express way roads cities roads and as the team of engineers and surveyors enjoy high experience in all fields of constructional buildings which helps them to prepare the basic infrastructure of offices, industries, workshop,

Machining and department for transport and stores and these departments are fully equipped with all necessities and equipment’s.

We are in AL EBHAR for Oil Services Co.,Ltd. considers that our understanding and our appreciation for the requirements of the clients is the secret of our success and we believe in the aspect of the client during life and we exert our almost efforts to present the best value to our dear clients through providing them with the best products and services and we also believe that the inspired employees are those who make the company distinguished from the other companies.

And as we consider winning the confidence of our commercial partners whether they were clients, importers, employees or the whole society is an important matter to continue our success.

Structural Steel & K -span Works

AL EBHAR for Oil Services Co.,Ltd. Has the experience of fabricating and constructing various types of steel structures works as follows:

– Pipes rack works
– Steel pipes supports

– Shelters
– Warehouses

Camp Construction

AL EBHAR for Oil Services Co.,Ltd.are specialized in full turnkey  camp construction for the oil & gas companies. We provide and deliver timely, quality and cost effective construction management in remote and challenging environments.

AL EBHAR for Oil Services Co.,Ltd. for oil services offers custom manufactured modular buildings, including site erection and construction, along with logistical and security arrangements to remote sites with in Iraq.

We specialize in custom designed wooden and / or steel-framed, ready – made or pre-fabricated modular buildings for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent purposes.

The temporary and semi – permanent mo modular product includes steel framed living accommodation, offices and ablution modules including multi-level buildings. The buildings are of fire proof design and are customized to client requirements. Site erection includes all activities related to the construction of a camp on a green field site.

This includes site preparation, foundation work, security wall constructions, utility equipment provision and installation and all civil, mechanical and electrical work to construct a fully functional camp.