AL EBHAR for Oil Services Co.,Ltd. We operate in all Iraq and have the resources and expertise to offer complete services throughout the life of an oil and gas field, including:

– Regulatory and technical services
– External relations
– Safety and environmental compliance
– Oil spill response management and equipment
– Multi-discipline production facility engineering services
– Onshore and offshore pipeline and compressor station construction
– Operations support
– Infrastructure, facility, and pipeline maintenance-pipelines
– Operations and maintenance support
– Infrastructure, facility, and pipeline maintenance
– Well testing and down hole support
– Wellhead maintenance and well work support

– Production equipment maintenance
– Insulation and sheet metal work
– Pipefitting and welding
– Project planning, estimating, and construct ability
– Procurement and material management
– Quality control and assurance
– Camp maintenance (logistics and live support services)
– Oil storage tanks (floating and fixed roof tanks)
– Pressure vessel
– Pumps
– Valves and fitting