AL EBHAR for Oil Services Co.,Ltd.  provides a full range of construction works related to tank erection, civil, mechanical and electrical / instrumentation.

Our team is procurement and erection activities of different type tanks. The combination with our tank fabrication capability makes us a reliable and cost effective service provider.
– Crude storage tanks
– Water storage tanks
– Natural gas storage tanks
– Floating gas storage Tanks
– Fixed Roof tanks
All tanks are construction under applicable codes as API, DIN, NEN, BS, …ets.

Also AL EBHAR for Oil Services Co.,Ltd.  provides tank repair services,
which includes the following:

– Full demo and Re-Erect of tanks
– Demolition and re-construction of tank roofs
– Floating roofs (Internal and Eternal)
– Cone roofs
– Umbrella roofs
– Sunken or collapsed floating roof repairs
– Floating roof tank conversion
– Installation of internal and external floating roofs
– Installation of secondary containment bottoms and systems
– Tank bottom replacements
– Tank seal repairs and replacements
– In-service tank repairs
– Out-of round or buckled tank shell repairs

– Repair or replace the following accessories
– Rolling ladders
– Articulating stair treads
– Gage poles
– Gage wells
– Shell nozzles
– Man ways
– Other tank appurtenances
– Tank foundations
– Tank jacking and levelling
– cathodic protection & leak detection
– geodesic dome installations